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International Bangla Channel Marathon Swimming at the Bay of Bengal - from Teknaf Fisheries Jetty to the Saint Martin’s Island Jetty, a distance of 10Miles / 16.1Kilometers - is the only open water long distance swimming in Bangladesh. The Teknaf Fisheris Jetty is close to the last land point of the country - the Shah Pari Dwip’s Badar Mokam and the Saint Martin’s Island is the only coral Island of the country. According to FINA, the distance is measured and counted as the marathon distance for open water swimming.

Veteran photographer and scuba diver Quazi Hamidul Hoque had initiated the swimming on 2006 to establish the supremacy of human being over the sea. That year, Fazlul Kabir Sina, Salman Sayeed and Lipton Sarker won the challenge of the sea and swam past the Bangla Channel.

From then on, 2011 was the sixth consecutive year when Lipton Sarker swam the channel with the supervision of Quazi Hamidul Hoque. Another milestone was achieved that time when Bangladesh’s first Everest conqueror Musa Ibrahim also swam past the channel. Bangladesh Navy, Coast Guard and local administration had supported 2011’s Bangla Channel Swimming.

In 2012, the Bangla Channel Swimming was organized as an international event where Dutch swimmer Van Gool Milko joined the event. Milko took 3 hours 46 minutes in free-hand style to cross the Bangla Channel from Teknaf to Saint Martin. Lipton Sarker took 5 hours 16 minutes to swim the channel with snorkel while Md. Moniruzzaman took 8 hours 5 minutes and Musa Ibrahim took 8 hours 18 minutes to cross the distance. Quazi Hamidul Hoque remained as the coach and supervisor.

This year the swimming was a 10 miles/16.1 kilometers event starting from the Teknaf Fishery Ghat Jetty to Saint Martin Island’s Jetty. The open water long distance swimming competition was designed as 1. Free Hand, 2. Relay, and 3. Snorkel swimming (an unorthodox type).

The swimming date for 2012 was fixed as March 17.

This year the Coast Guard, Extreme Bangla, North Alpine Club Bangladesh were the probable assisting components in the event and Everest Academy arranged the Bangla Channel International Swimming Competition 2012.

Contact Address: Everest Academy, 14/4, Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh. Phone: 01768608810 (Lipton Sarker). E-mail: info@everestacademy.com.bd

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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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