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From early childhood, I always tended to be outbound and my parents rescued me several times from being lost- as I heard from my parents and as my memory says. I had a fascination of roaming around our house and always tried to reach beyond my know periphery to learn the outside world.
My favourite TV show in my childhood was the Tarzan when we lived at Shyampur Sugar Mill under Rangpur district because of my father's profession. It had such an impact on my mind that I tended to be like Tarzan. So the jungle, the pond and trees were my favourite places to pass the day-time. I was use to catch the honey-bee while it tries to collect flower's honey and once the honey-bee pinched it venomous stinger, then I learned about its character. Then after, I always dismantle honey bee hive throwing stones at it.
There was a railway station at Shyampur and I always watched that trains are coming, stopping and leaving past the station after the passengers did their necessary works. The scene forced me one day to ride on a train with one my friend at the age of only three- I think. Then one guard of the sugar mill noticed me and stopped the train with the help of the train's guard. He rescued me and handed over me to my parents. I don't know where I could be by this time without the guard's help.
One day I fell inside the hot waste-water recycling plant of Shyampur Sugar Mill. I was trying to catch the fountain water rushing out from a pipe. All on a sudden I fell inside the basin and this time also a guard rescued me and helped me to reach home.
We left Shyampur for Panchgargh Sugar Mill on 1980. This time the Korotoa River's bank became the favourite place to roam around. The activities of the fishermen, the coal-hunters on the river bed, the stone hunters and the general people always made me so curious that I spent most of the day time there. Here I also saw that the sand collector harnessing sand from the river bed and was dumping it besides the bank. Making hole in the sand assuming building bird's nest was my favourite daily job that time. That time I saw that when the pile of sand dried out and the sun had its light in full on the sand pile, it resembled the mountain I say far in the horizon of Panchgargh. Later, I learned that it is the third highest mountain of the world the Kanchenjunga (8586m/28169 ft). This perception, I think, had a big impact on my mind to love the hills and mountains later.
We headed for Thakurgaon Sugar Mill leaving Panchgargh on 1985. Here I found Suk River, Buri Dam, different ponds, railway station etc as my favourite places to roam around. Here I also got admitted to class V in Thakurgaon Sugar Mill's High School. Though I was a good student at school, classes could not be fun but the friends at river bank, rail station or at the ponds.
I always liked to travel and when the train or bus took us to my grandfather or grandmother's house at Lalmonirhat and Bogra districts respectively, the scenic beauty of the landscapes passing by the train and bus charmed me always. Sometimes, when the bus stopped beside any water body to pour water into its radiator, I always thought that the bus is using water as fuel. Later, I learned the fact.
I learned flying kite, fishing with wheel and net, boating, driving cow carts and loved the farmers' tremendous hardship to raise the crops at my grandfather and grandmothers' house as I used to spent my total summer vacation there.
I graduated from Institute of Education and Research (IER); University of Dhaka majored from Science Education on 2000. I also obtained post graduation on Educational Evaluation and Research from IER on 2002 and another post graduation degree on Disaster Management from BRAC University on 2009. Now, I am a Diploma student in Journalism at Press Institute Bangladesh, was a student of Thakurgaon Sugar Mills High School In 1983 to 1994 and completed my Secondary School Certificate from there. From Notre Dame College, I passed the Higher Secondary Certificate on 1996.
I am the second child of my parents. My father -- Ansar Ali -- was born in 1951 and was a freedom fighter in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. He fought in the sector no. 6 and mostly in the Greater Kurigram area with an identity 33/1. He is a retired government employee. My mother -- Bilkis Begum -- is a housewife.
My elder sister is Noor Ayesha, a UN employee, and younger brother is Shoeb Harun, studying in Sydney, Australia.
I got married in January 2007 to Ummey Sharaban Tahura, Assistant Judge. Our only son is Wasi Ibrahim Raiid came to this earth on October 28, 2008.
I do not believe that Everest is my end of my journey but it is the opening of my life long innings. I want to try to make people believe in themselves and to change this world for their betterment by themselves not by the president of US or not by an alien object.
My passion, now, is to work for the children -- for their joyous childhood; to bring fun in the education system with the help of advanced technology; to bring life to the earth through planting trees -- as much as the number of the human on the earth and I want to start the programme from my own country. Our, the Everest Brigade, target is to plant 160 million saplings in a year -- the number of population of Bangladesh.
Moreover, I will also work to achieve my other dreams, as well as hobbies.
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Musa Ibrahim's official website (www.musaibrahim.com.bd) launched on December 03
DU authority conferred 'Blue' award to Musa Ibrahim
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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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