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Q: i wanna go to Nafakhum in Bandorban. But sadly enough i have no partner. Will it be safe to go there without any partner? And what is the perfect season to go there?
ashraf rasha
A: Dear Ashraf Rasha, there is no problem going alone and you may go there any season. Thank you.
Q: Which company sponser u'r everest prog..?
A: Dear Riad, Summit Group, Navana, Kohinoor Chemicals, Destiny, Channel I sponsored my Everest Expedition. Thank you.
Q: i want to 2nd on top of the Everest'
A: Dear Rakib, congratulations in advance. Thank you.
Q: vhiya how r u?vhiya i am going to nepal next month.will u say,which place is the best view for see total Mount Everest?WILL U SAY,what is the name of place that a advertisement see u
A: Dear MD SHOHEL HASAN, you may find the Everest's best view from Nagorkot. If you go to the base camp, then you will get its huge and strong view. Thank you.
Q: please.....say something about bangladesh cricke team....
A: Dear Tanvir Ahmed, I do believe in personal and teamwork. So, win is in our grip when we believe and act accordingly. I do believe Bangladesh Cricket Team will prevail on the top of the cup if they believe and act. Bests for the Bangladesh Cricket Team.
Q: i want to get jon gordered's the serviver, book, from where i can get this book?please mention the library, i have a challenge,i want to win,thats why this book i want.
A: You may go to www.amazon.com and will get the chance to buy John Goddard's book. This is the best option right this moment. Thank you.
Q: Should money cost for your autograph?
A: It should cost nothing and it is not. Anyone may get my autograph. Thank you.
Q: What was the temperature in Himalaya, Everest?
A: Generally the temperature on the top of the Everest, at a height of 29,035ft, is -40 degree Celsius. One night I recorded the temperature at Advanced Base Camp, at a height of 21,000ft, was -20 degree Celsius. Thank you.
Q: Do you like St. Francis Xavier's High School ?
A: Yes, I like, thank you.
Q: what are your parents name and your birth date?
A: Hello, my parents are Md. Ansar Ali and Bilkis Begum. My birth date is 1st Oct, 1979. Thank you.
Q: I'm now 35 +. Do I have still chance to climb everest by practical training? if yes can u tell me How?
Zakir H. Khan
A: Yup, you have the chance to climb the Everest in the age of 35+. Age is not a big factor to climb the Everest, it is all about the psychological challenge. Well, you need to go through a mountaineering training to learn about it and then start doing expeditions in the Himalaya. After having a good experience of technical climbing, you may set yourself for the Everest expedition. Thank you.
Q: About of hill...
Sakib Al Hasan
A: Hello, do you want to ask really anything? Thank you.
Q: I want your autograph by Email
Tomij Chowdhury
A: Right this moment, there is only option to get my autograph is by postal service. The option is open for all and you will get the autograph through correctly posting your address by this website. Would you mind to do that? Thank you.
Q: give my best wish to Raiid...and my quwstin is.....your favourite player?
A: Thank you. My favorite players are Tamim Iqbal, Zinedine Zidan, Ronaldinho, Rafael Nadal, Steve Waugh...
Q: kono kaj'a sofolota peta hola ta kotobar try kora jeta para? jodi dishearted hoya podi tokon ki korbo? Best wishes. Happy Victory Day.
A: Well, getting success on a specific matter requires continuous effort. And, keeping on trying depends on the volume of the matter and the person who is doing it. So, if it is your a most desired matter that you want to achieve, then I think you will try the most to get it. And, there are so many options to be disheartened on the aspect of our society. But, keep it in your mind that "you have to achieve it". It is the ultimate inspiration. Thank you.
Q: When did Musa Ibrahim born?
A: Musa Ibrahim was born on 01 October, 1979. Thank you.
Q: pray for me...so that i can do well in exam and cricket... yup! i am selected for u-17 tournament... my team is partex group.
A: Wish you all the best. Try to do your maximum. Thank you.
Q: I want to be a man, like you. But kemom kore???
Kazi meraj Ahmed Shanto
A: Well, ummm, I think you should be like yourself. There is nothing to follow others. I followed nobody. I think you got the message. Thank you.
Q: 1/2/2011..my ssc exam...in april u-17 cricket tournament will start...I love study and cricket....but i should be attentive any one of them.. what can i do? Please answer.
A: I cannot find any problem in your exam and U-17 cricket tournament. But, are you a cricketer for the U-17 squad? Then , I think you better take part in both. Study as much as you can now and take part in the exam and at the same time do practice as much as you can. Try to concentrate whatever you are doing at the specific time, like- if you are doing practice, then do it attentively and when you are studying, then be attentive to it. Please do not think that one is bigger than other at this stage. Thank you.
Q: How can u manage ur duel task, Mountaining & Journalism? I think journalism is one of the hard job in the world
A: I agree with you. My profession is journalism, but my hobby is doing adventure. So I manage everything. Thank you.
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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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