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Q: which expedition company helped you in Everest expedition? thank you
A: Dear Neo, the Himalayan Guides helped me in Everest Expedition 2010. Thank you.
Q: I am a student of class 9. How should i start mountain climing?
A: Dear Arnob, please try to take part in an adventure training or basic mountaineering training course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling, India. Then you may have the taste of mountaineering and may carry on. Thank you.
A: Dear NAZMUL, we will announce it at the soonest. Thank you.
Q: Aami himaloy er opor uthte chai. apni amake help korben ke?
Himaloyer nazmul
A: Dear Nazmul, if you really want to do mountaineering or if you want to climb any peak of the Himalayas, then please prepare yourself first through undergoing a mountaineering training. I am here to help you, definitely. Feel free to contact me through e-mail. Thank you.
Q: There've any hiking institution in BD?? & which is the best??
A: Dear Minhaz, there are a lots of hiking companies in Bangladesh. But none is examined with any set standards. You can choose any. Thank you.
Q: What is your reaction to Muhits climbing to Everest?
A: Dear Samiullah, I am very happy that the train is marching on, and so Muhit climbed Mt Everest. It is the legacy of Bangladesh's youth to establish their supremacy on the top of the world. Bangladesh must go on. Congratulations to Muhit. Thank you.
Q: Hi Musa, how are you ? How is your Journalism going on? Do you know that now I am working as a sub-editor in a online media? Please help me.
A: Dear Munna, Thank you and my work is going on very well. I just came to know that you are working in a online paper, it is very appreciating. Just keep your eyes up and morale high. You must do good. In any case you need my help, just tell me. Thank you again.
Q: Do you really come to the booked institution?
faiaz khalid
A: Dear Faiaz Khalid, I think I replied to you query earlier through e-mail but it bounced back. Well, I attend any educational institution which invites me formally. Thank you.
Q: Hi, in Thamelwhich hotel did you stay in your Everest trip? Just curious. Thanks
A: Dear Mohammad Qazi, I stayed in Modhuban Hotel at Thamel when I returned from Everest. Thank you.
Q: plz, can u tel me how we can start this type of traveling ?
Mizanur Rahman
A: Dear Mizanur Rahman, I think you are asking about the adventure traveling, right? If it is so, then, you may start doing trekking in our hill areas, you may do cycling in the locality to visit the nearest places of your curiosity, and so on. There is no limitation of doing adventure and no specification of it. So, you may choose any type and can start it now. Thank you.
Q: What is your next target brother?
A: Dear Nasir, my next target is to form a new team for the Everest, to plant about 50 lakh plants and so on. Thank you.
Q: apni koba notun everest team gothon korban?ami ki join korta parbo?
samia sraboni
A: Dear Samia Sraboni, we are gonna start the process of forming new Everest Team soon. You also can join it. Keep an eye on us. Thank you.
Q: Thanks for you,from my family.
Md Sohel Rana
A: Dear Md Sohel Rana, you are welcome.
Q: what is your aim now?
A: Dear Begum Halima, now my aims are to form a new team for the Everest, to plant about 50 lakh plants and so on. Thank you.
Q: Thanks for the information you gave to our teacher Zakia Khan (Sunnydale School)
Shouhitya Prinon
A: Dear Shouhitya Prinon, you are welcome.
Q: Why didn't you upload photos of climbing Annapurna?
A: Dear Begum Halima, I will upload the photos of Annapurna IV Expedition soon. Thank you.
Q: What do you want now?
A: Dear Begum Halima, I want to form a new Everest Team now. Thank you.
Q: how many minutes did you stay at the top of the Everest ?
A: Dear Nuzhat, I spent about 25 minutes on the top of the Everest. Thank you.
Q: We are working to build better Bangladesh through Golden Bangladesh . We Developed 4 protal one protal 64 Districts related and we seriously work vote for Sundarban and also works for North Bengle u also man of North Bengla . I hop u also work with
Md. Jahangir Alam
A: Dear Golden Bangladesh, sure I will work with you. No problem at all. Thank you.
Q: What's your childs birthday?
A: Dear Hasan, my kid's birthday is October 28. Thank you.
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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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