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Q: Congratulations for your great success! How are you and do you have any further plan to ride on Mount Everest ace?
A: First of all, thank you and I am fine. Well, now my motto is to help others to achieve their dreams to climb Mt Everest. Yup, I will try to climb the Mt Everest if I get chance again. Thanks again.
Q: How's everything going on?
A: Ah, I am fine with the grace of Almighty, thank you.
Q: While you are in mid period of Journey. Then how could you re-charge your camera`s battery.
Mohammad Amdadul Hoque
A: If you are talking about my Everest Expedition, then my answer is- I could recharge my camera battery only in Base Camp and Advanced Base Camp where solar charger was available. That means, when I started the final ascent from Advanced Base Camp for the top of the Everest, I charged my camera battery before that. Thank you.
Q: How do you desire to gain anything? Please, tell me the real story for gaining anything. Life is not a war,but it is formedinto many pices of war. It will come in life at once. Now my question is How I can be gained in liue?
Md. Yasir AlAmin
A: Actually, I want to try to make Bangladeshi youths to believe that human being can do so many things in her/his life. So, we should set our plan and do accordingly. And it is me who can design my own life, so, I have to take the challenge or I have to go past the life war. This is how you can be gained. Thank you.
Q: Can you upload more photograph?
A: I will upload more photograph at the soonest. Thank you.
Q: Your future plan
A: You may click the link The Goal and then you will learn about my future plan. Thank you.
Q: can i get ur autograph?? the link is given here is not working
nosto kobi
A: Yes, you can. Now you can try. Thank you.
Q: kemon lage jodi shopno puron hoi nijer ecche moton??????
nosto kobi
A: This will be really a great moment if anybody can achieve her/his target. Thank you.
Q: can you plz correct the spelling 'vedio ' to 'video
A: Sorry, it was a spelling mistake because of working under pressure and overlooking the spell. It is corrected already. Thank you.
Q: whtz ur views of future of bangladesh.....both politically n culturally?.....do u think it will be the place whr ur child really wanna live?
A: I love to take challenge and I love to create my own Bangladesh. Thank you.
Q: Vaia, I am a journalist of Pabna. But can I work as a staff reportr in any newspaper in Dhaka?
Md.Mahmudul hasan Munna
A: Sure, you can. Thank you.
Q: Can you give me an Autograph?
Proshanta Roy
A: Sure. Please send me your mailing address. I will send you very soon.
A: I am a writer and mountaineer.
Q: How are you?
A: I am fine. Thank you.
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DU authority conferred 'Blue' award to Musa Ibrahim
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Musa Ibrahim's photo exhibition titled 'Bangladesh on top of the Everest'
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